Multiple Files Upload with PHP

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!In this tutorial we will make a multiple file Upload system with PHP. The system will automatically create directory if not previously created for storing uploaded files. This multiple file Upload system can be used to upload images, PDF’s, Doc’s… Read More »

Single Files Upload with PHP

In this tutorial we will make simple php file upload system with a verification for file extension and size, thus making it a secure way to upload files. You can use this for Uploading image’s ,PDF’s, Doc any file types make sure you change the necessary parts in the script. You can also see a… Read More »

How to create your own WordPress shortcodes

In version 2.5 WordPress introduced shortcodes. They usually come bundled with plugins, or even themes, and what they do is watch for when you insert something inside square brackets then replace that with some other content. It could be a simple sentence or it could be a massive PHP function, it all depends on what… Read More »